Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Small update

This is just a small update to let everyone know I'm still around. A lot of things conspired this summer to keep me from posting. The latest is a recent surgery from which I am still recovering.

Still, I haven't stopped work on the project. In fact I recently created a project at http://grue.codeplex.com/ to host the source code for my class library.
I haven't done a binary release yet as I want to make a few more changes first. I eventually want to add the code for some of my front end applications as well, although at the moment the library's public API is still changing enough that they become outdated fairly quickly.

If anyone has the desire to dig through the source, I'd be happy to answer any questions. If anyone is feeling particularly adventurous and wants to try their hand at writing a front end, the project files require Stylecop be installed in order to build. If you aren't using Stylecop yet...why?

The current status of the library is such that Version 1 through 3 games run great (with the notable exception of Seastalker versions which use the SonarScope display). Upper window support and color is currently broken, which means V4-5, V7-8 will run but display incorrectly. Version 6 support is unfinished. Your mileage may vary.

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