Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fun with source control

I've been doing a lot of clean up on my code, however many of my changes haven't made their way to the project at just yet. For some time now I've been using two different source repositories. Back before I created the project on codeplex I had set up my own TFS 2010 server. I did this both to keep better track of the changes I was making and to become more familiar with TFS 2010, which I really enjoy using. I still check my changes into my TFS and copy these files over to a duplicate project for uploading to codeplex (not as often as I should). I probably ought to just switch entirely over to codeplex, but haven't because I haven't had time to look into what I might be giving up by doing so.

Despite my procrastination, I did manage to add upper window support a while back, making most games playable now. My next update will likely include support for color. I'm also planning on putting up at least one frontend as an example, but I haven't decided which would be the best to use. I have frontends for a variety of platforms: console, WPF, Xbox, etc. The console is a good example of a simple frontend without a lot of distracting code, but it would prohibit demonstrating more advanced features, like mouse input or graphics.